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If there is one thing in our HVAC unit that we all take for granted is the air ducts. Without them, you would not be able to keep your house at comfortable temperatures during all the seasons. So if you think there might be some issue with your ducts, you should get them repaired, cleaned or serviced for their longer life.

At CNC Air, we offer duct services for all duct-related problems. Our team members will come, inspect and repair any issues with your duct.

In this blog, we will discuss the common problems in air ducts. We will also discuss how you can know if there is a problem and what you should do if there is a problem. Let us get started!

How Would You Know If There Is A Problem?

Before we discuss the problems, you should be able to identify a problem with your duct. And how would you do that? Following are some signs of a damaged duct:

  • A part of your house too warm or too cold as compared to the rest of the house
  • High electricity bills during summer and winter time
  • Filters get filthy pretty quickly
  • Weak or no airflow from the vent
  • A broken, damaged or missing duct
  • Strips of dust at the registers

If you see any one of these, it might be a problem in your duct. But if you are still unsure, you can adopt the following method to find out if your ducts are in good condition or not:

  • Turn on your HVAC unit.
  • Shut all the exterior doors and windows, as well as the interior doors and windows separating the hallway from the rooms.
  • Now try to open all the doors of your home one by one.
  • If the doors open easily, your air ducts have a pressure issue that needs to be checked.
  • If they open with a little difficulty, your ducts are alright.

Common Duct Problems

Now that you know how to identify a problem with your air ducts let us move to our main topic of discussion: the most common air duct problems. The following are the six common duct problems that you may face with your air ducts:

Ducts Leaks

This is the most prevalent issue when it comes to duct problems. This usually happens when you have a hole or unnecessary opening in your duct system. This could be due to poor installation of the ducts or due to a rodent eating his way into your ducts. Either way, a leak lets air pass out before reaching its final destination.

A duct leak is why one of your rooms is not in tune with the rest of the house’s temperature. If you see a duct leak, you should get it repaired soon.

Unstable Airflow

The next common problem with ducts is unstable airflow. This problem usually comes from your registers. When one of the registers blows more air than the other, it results in unstable airflow. This could happen if something is blocking the registers. It could be a curtain or a piece of furniture.

Remove the curtain or the furniture, and the airflow should return to normal. In case it does not, you will have to get it checked.

Unsuitable Design

The number of homes that end up with unsuitable air duct designs is much more than you would imagine. Some contractors omit conducting calculations and tests to settle on the right size of the vents, resulting in poorly designed vents.

These vents would then cause various problems in your HVAC unit. In such a case, you may have to get your ducts replaced for a much better and more suitable design.

Under-Insulated Or Not Insulated Ducts

Have you ever experienced your air conditioner blowing warm air before blowing cool air? If yes, then that issue stems from under-insulated or not insulated ductwork. Due to this unstable insulation, your ductwork cools and warms before the desired temperature is reached.

If you experience this issue, you need to get a duct services expert to look at the problem.

Dirty Ducts

Dirty ducts are a serious problem as they negatively affect the quality of air inside your home. The dust particles, pollutants and germs get back into your house via the ducts whenever you use your HVAC unit.

Thus it is advised to get your ducts cleaned every once in a while, to improve the quality of air inside your house and keep the ducts in good condition for a longer lifetime.

Badly Sealed Grills And Registers

This kind of comes under the unsuitable design problem with the air ducts. If the registers, grills and the ducts themselves are poorly sealed, the air could escape through these openings and give you the same problem that we discussed above in duct leaks.

What To Do In Case Of Problems?

If you find any of the above-mentioned problems with your HVAC air ducts, the first thing you need to do is call an HVAC repair company like us. We offer various services relating to HVAC units and can be of extreme help to get parts of your unit repaired, reinstalled or maintained.


Those were the most common problems found in an air duct. You can contact us at CNC Air for duct services. Our emergency call service is open 24 *7 where you can report any issue with your HVAC unit anytime and have one of our qualified team members inspect and repair the issue for you, whether it be a maintenance, repair or installation of air ducts, air conditioner, thermostats, heat pumps or furnaces.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services, ask a question or book an appointment.