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If something in your house is used rigorously throughout the year, it is your HVAC unit. Keeping you warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season, your HVAC system works day and night to meet your temperature requirements.

So, it is likely to get busted if not handled properly, which could lead to costly repairs and even costlier replacements. Thus, it becomes crucial that you maintain your HVAC system with regular checks and inspections by you and a professional.

CNC Air can help you with the latter part by conducting HVAC maintenance checks on your unit. Call us anytime on our emergency helpline, and we will get to your problem ASAP.

Common HVAC issues

Before diving deep into the maintenance tips, it is important to know about the common HVAC problems you might face. We listed the three major problems that lead to all the other big problems requiring immediate repair for better functionality. They are as follows:


The most common reason for major problems in your HVAC unit is rust. Since your HVAC unit deals with moisture, metals, and wires, the risk of the system rusting is higher. This rust on the machine parts can cause them to work inefficiently, affecting the temperature in your house. And rust on wires can cause your system to turn on and off.


Almost every one of us has had leak problems in our HVAC system. Usually, leaks happen at the connector and drain lines. You must also keep an eye out for leaks in refrigerant, condensate, and heat exchangers.

These leaks could affect the system, causing it to work much harder and your utility bills to spike. Moreover, you may also need to replace the leaked part and any other part that got worse with it.

Dirt and Mould

The last common issue in HVAC units is that of dirt and mould. A dirty system will not only deteriorate over time but will also blow dirt and other pollutants and germs into your house with the air. Thus, each part of your heating or cooling unit must be free from dirt, moult, debris, mildew, and other unwanted guests.

Tips to Maintain

Now that you know about the common issues related to the HVAC system, let us discuss the tips you can implement to maintain your unit at par. The following are the seven major tips that can help you increase the lifespan and the efficiency of your HVAC unit:

Change the Filters

The first step is to clean and /or change your filters. This is in relation to the dirt and mould problem we discussed above. A filter blocked by dirt will eventually start blowing dirt into your house. And you do not want that.

We recommend checking your filters once every month to see if they are clogged or dirty. If you see a lot of grime, then it is a good idea to take them out and wash them.

If your filters are not reusable, you must get a new pair whenever the old one is clogged with dirt.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

This is what most people would gladly ignore. But for your HVAC system to work efficiently, the outdoor unit must also be in good condition. You need to ensure there is no dirt and debris around your outdoor pumps and condensers. 

Schedule a Maintenance Check Regularly

This is where we come in. Performing all these tips on your own is not enough to maintain your HVAC unit. You also need regular appointments with a specialist. When you choose us, you give your precious unit in good hands.

One of our skilled team members will inspect your system in and out and will guide you to the solutions in case any issues are found. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at any time.

Changing Batteries

Sometimes a simple hack, such as changing the battery, is enough to get it all right. If your thermostat runs on battery, you need to check its status. If it is low, consider getting it changed sooner rather than later to avoid having a problem at inconvenient times. 

Do Not Shut Too Many Registers

If you have a habit of shutting off registers that are not in use, this tip is for you. Do not shut off more than 30 percent of your registers. Why? Because that might cause an increased load on the working registers, which could, in turn, weaken their performance significantly.

Test the Heating and Cooling Regularly

We all probably say goodbye to the cooling mode for the 3 months of summer and the heating mode for the 3 months of winter. But while you are conducting a regular maintenance check on your own, it is essential that you check whether both modes are working efficiently or not, no matter what the season is.

Check Ducts

The last tip for HVAC maintenance is to check ducts. Dirty ducts and vents cause the same problem as dirty filters, so you need to make sure that there is no dirt, debris, mould, mildew and such in your ducts and vents.


That was your quick and simple guide to HVAC maintenance. We discussed some common problems that you might face with your HVAC unit, and we also talked about tips to maintain your HVAC system at the best level.

If you are looking for specialists to conduct a maintenance check on your HVAC system, keep us in mind and give us a call to learn more about our services if you are interested.